Monday, May 01, 2017

End note

400 days of her

He was on page #399. He had to compose a few more words to put an end to his story. His story. #400, it’d end on.

Then, he picked up a note; to cross his heart one final time.

When I began to write, I was excited. I would, for the first time to myself, get to closure. I resisted this narrative. But I was so torn from inside that nothing could fix me. Except this.

It began like a dream. I pinched myself to see it real. There were smiles and laughs and love and hope. Nothing changed.

One day, she walked out. I was oblivious to her world. I failed. To keep up with love.
I waited for her to come back.

I waited for days; a little more than thirteen months. 

On the 400th day, I gave up.

It ended there.