Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Geek's fair!


Fact n fiction

Being a technophile always doesn’t help. I mean the passion should never die. Become crazy and excessively obsessed with technology. But I lacked the power to obtain high proportions of knowledge.
People think I’m crazy. I talk to myself. Infact I talk to technology, ‘Bloody technology; don’t run at such a pace damn! Think of poor guys like me. You appear complete yet lots of work to be done on you.’ ‘Please don’t run…’
‘It just doesn’t wait’, I always think. I grab every possible opportunity to know about it. I go through every magazine, website and floating information and still I fall short of the required knowledge. A huge tech-fair invited me a few days ago which boasted of being ‘TechnicALLy yours!’ ‘Yo! Technology doesn’t know I’ll be a few seconds behind him in this race. I’m COMING.’ I got up the next morning, didn’t care to brush my teeth, took my bike and just whizzed to the fair. On my way, a guy stopped me. He was called Rajeev-the fiend. ‘You think you can keep pace with technology? Get over it bro. I’ll not let you do it. Better go brush your teeth.’ ‘Get the dash outta here’, I said and sailed.
“Whoa! This is huge” was my initial reaction when I looked at the hall that had been built exclusively for the fair. People looked at me with a jerk like expression. ‘Who cares?’ I was looking at some magazines placed on a table in the first hall. A robot greeted me at the entrance of a hall full of modern gadgets. There were uncountable number of halls, little kids flying in the air using a fire bolt. I saw kids playing Sony PS-3. ‘This is cool. Sony’s new PS-3. What a fair!’ I saw guys clicking photographs of beautiful girls with tiny cameras. I saw a group of kids playing with an electronic pen. One of those kids remained silent. He looked different, probably a young technophile. ‘Why is he so silent? Why is he staring aaaat….what’s that he’s staring at? I can’t see it.’
That kid drew my attention. For the first time in that hall a person was of interest besides a tech-gadget. He started crying. He didn’t stop. Nobody cared for him. The other kids were so fascinated with the electronic pen that this guy’s cry was inaudible.
I went to him and suddenly he stopped crying. ‘Wassup lil kid?Any problem?’ he never looked at me. ‘I want that’, he said. ‘What’s that?’, I asked. ‘That invisibility cloak’, he said he touched it and then I could see it. ‘What the…! The invisibility cloak!’ I took it and put it on him. ‘ Thundering typhoons! It really works. Research is actually on. But this is amazing. It is true!
‘That’s only a thing on display kid. It is only to show that a person has succeeded in making it. You just can’t take it.’
‘Who are you talking to?’ I opened my eyes, woke up with a jerk. It was my mom in my room. ‘Was I dreaming?’ I went to the mirror ‘I didn’t brush my teeth? Yuck! My mouth stinks.’

The kid made the difference. Technology is really never close.


Varun said...

Hehe you never can keep up with technology, can you?

Anirudh Sravan said...

haa haaa....some reassuring stuff for me...i feel like a martian with so many geeks around!

sumanthi said...

u got it right there rajeev... but there are ppl like me in this world who simply dont want to keep up with the technology!! most of it's like whooosh....over my head!1

ashwini said...

keep up with technology??!!!not my cup of tea.ofcourse i shouldn be sayin that being an engg student myself.but goin through techy magazines and stuff is the last thing i wanna do.

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