Sunday, January 14, 2007

Boy O Boy Reporter!

TINTIN and his little pal Snowy

I always loved watching Tintin more than reading...Tintin and his buddy Captain Haddock...Professor Calculus is one cool absent-minded chap :)) And let's not forget the detectives.
I have tried drawing this guy and ofcourse without snowy the drawing would look incomplete.
So here's what I've done today...

Here's the original:

And here's the black and white drawing in pencil:(click to enlarge)

A piece of art by:
Rajeev Turlapati

My scanner acted weird today.It never allowed me to expand my border.That's the reason you can see his shoe partially cut.Poor old tintin! I Guess that's the reason snowy has that 'Oh my!' look :P
Shading,as always,is a pain.

All the Tintin fans, check this link:
  • Tintin official website

  • To know more about Tintin and his adventures:
  • Tintin on Wiki

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    Merci Beaucoup...


    varun said...

    Awesome drawing! You copy as well as me :P

    Weird wads happening with your scanner. Can't you select a wider region to scan so that it doesn't get cut off?

    Rajeev Turlapati said...

    naa re srsl it acted jus din allow me to select..i ve scanned so many re but this time thoda prob

    hemanthi said...

    very nice perfect ya the shoe part
    i think that's ok, damn you scanner!!!