Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sneak Peek!

Howdy ho!

11 sneak long...hang... why eleven and why so long???I don't know.

There are important and unimportant peeks. We really do not know which is what (or what is which) until you get that look.
So here's the slate:

1. Pixar animation studio
2. A cricketer's dressing room
3. Any manufacturing unit (mobiles/super cars/what not/any damn thing)
4. On location:Imax movie shoot
5. Cockpit (aviation)
6. A Forensic laboratory while an investigation is on
7. Kitchen at Burj Al Arab
8. Space
9. Theatre projection room
10. AR Rahman's Panchratan Record Inn
11. Andhra Pradesh State archives and Research Institute.

The final one is such a mystery.True.I have stayed in habsiguda-tarnaka for 12 long years and I still have no clue what it is about.It looks(like)such a sad place.So it takes the eleventh place.Excuse me,there's no sorting style adopted in that list.
The list is by no means all-out.
There are more teams to take stance. take your pick. Roger that!



Akshaya said...

nice idea and nice list. me shall also make mine :)

Varun said...

OMG the post is understandable! :P

Andhra Pradesh State archives and Research Institute - you have no idea wad it's about and I had no idea it even existed :D

supraja suresh said...

Kitchen at Burj Al Arab?????..why tht??? ...:-)