Monday, September 17, 2007

Hap Hap...

It happens

Call it slavery or bodyselling or fun. The idea can be preposterous but this has come off age. For Centuries there has been talk of support and abolishment and if there happens to be any, any stand then it might be for reasons unexplainable and incomprehensible. Prostitution has had it years of debate, varying treatment in different countries and has even demanded intracommunity wars.

Abandoned children were almost undoubtedly brought into the business of slavery. Not to serve the other but in a sense of jeopardizing one’s own life. This is pure bucks. Brothels were once listed on the national stock exchange and there were people to buy shares! Good way to run the business! And if one thought what made the entry so easy then recall history and laws. Is there any ethical code that reminds the government to flip through the pages of such an act! We call it strict! This page of the law is so weak that it goes through regular regulation.

“If you expel prostitution from society, you will unsettle everything on account of lusts” Yeah if such a thing happens may be there will be increasing sales. More money. More pleasure. What takes us by a surprise is the felony prostitution laws-anyone arrested for prostitution to be tested for HIV, and if the test comes back positive, the suspect is then informed that any future arrest for prostitution will be a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Who actually does these checks! Oh, may be it runs fine risking lives rather than shedding tears of bewailment later. Makes it easier!

And yeah if there is a trace of guilt in the mind, then there is religious prostitution. God knows so just let it be!

There can be Sex tourism, Feminism, gigolos, and money! It just keeps going… There could be many exclamations and eyebrow raising statements.

Just a little part of our world that triggers the mind.


shreybomb said...

finally someone said something!
good on rajeev!

Anonymous said...

u were right bt u cant say tat prostitution iz completely wrong...
All da ppl ther works 4 money, n not 4 pleasure.
For a home toilet is as important as pooja room, similarly prostitution..
Even govt. says it's wrong in 1 state, but licensed in other.
It shud b abolished, it shud b legalized.

Rajeev Turlapati said...

true..still debatable.if you are backed by genuine reasons then yeah let's give it a thought.but keeping the history and present before us,situation remains unstable.

shreybomb said...

this basically comes down to the point as to where do you draw the line...i agree with JOJO (hi JOJO) that you cant completely eradicate it because after all its someone's earning. Its exactly the same thing with drugs. Netherlands has legalized it, so basically means that you can do drugs, but you have to pay taxes for it. So are they doing a good thing or a irrational subjugation of the rights of people who think that they shouldn't bear the brunt of being in society where drugs are legalized. But the point being, should we do something like that with prostitution, maybe..But then of course we are going to have a cry from the whatever fundamentalists going NOOO!!! Exactly the point in a democracy a.k.a, democrazy..


Akshaya said...

Yes,different topic I say!

Prostitution has to be legalised, just for the simple fact that it can be tracked. There will be more justice done to the people offering to the service, it wouldn't be looked down as it is now.But in a society which is busy fighting politics over Ram, even debating this idea would be a far fetched thought. Sigh.

Vijayturlapati said...

A felony to say in a country which has not legalised anything, a misdemeanour in a country which has legalised it as an act which provides some kind of living for all those who are struggling hard to meet their needs...Make the laws stronger, stand on one view point, bring people together, not have a disparity in thought, and then prostitution can well be legalised.. Well even then it would be shedding tears repenting of the acts...So inculcating some kind of principles and then legalising it would be better than risking lives as an act of felony...Legalise it by setting strong foundation in the law, and then arrests can be made if children are dragged into prostitution...Gud blog..

Sai Vishnubhatla said...

nice to see that someone i know shares my view on this...with over 70% of population still living in the wide and deathly trenches of poverty,the poor and needy become the easy prey for prostitution...legalising it is no solution but is certainly worth a national debate ....nice write up rajeev ....