Friday, September 26, 2008


Oh I See...

I don’t really understand these directions, I mean, the way to take. Could you just tell me which way to take… here I am, sector six, but there are…..3 routes that take me to the next level..i mean..the next sector,I don’t really know… here’s the map..

Didn’t you follow the map until here? Even I am one of those lost guys. It’s the desert, how do you expect me to take a decision for you?

Oh sorry.. you don’t work at this gas station?


Even If I want to believe, I see there is no truth. I find it difficult to trust anyone. If I am left with no choice, do I really have to take it? So I challenged myself take a map, head towards a place where there are a million directions, you HAVE TO GET LOST, choose what comes to your mind, lose yourself. Judge…

So I did. I reached sector seven crossing the previous six with ease. I did not even have to use the map given. Aah now I know why the seventh feels so difficult.


‘Holy crap…’, replied the guy at the gas station.

I know better. Take the right fork to sector seven, blurted another man from the inside.

I did nothing.

Identification vs trust? I don’t get it. Even if I want to believe…

and so there are such people who exist.

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