Tuesday, October 21, 2008


[crazy thought.reader discretion advised. think at the end of it if you wish to read.]

Who framed I...

Frame I

I had a bottle in my hand, filled in some water, not till the brim. Hall-full, half-empty (the way we see it they say.crap.both mean the same), I placed it in my bag hoping it wouldn't leak. But it did! Why? That's coz it never was held straight in the bag on the back. Even worse, the shirt gets wet and someone asks 'dude, any water left? I'm thirsty.' 'Oh, yes here's my shirt, squeeze it. you freak.' 

I keep staring at a beautiful movie poster. Aaah the girl of my dreams, lovely eyes with a mascara, long hair... The only problem is: the guy is right next to her, caressing. 'Is this movie any good?' 'Oh, yes it's a must-watch!', said someone with a shrug. Alright I love sarcasm, off to watch it in a theatre that turns out to be an aluminium enclosure with bed bug embedded chairs. And the movie is actually good. The theatre opposite looks much better and it runs a dubbed version of a famous english movie.

There are thousands of speactators at a cricket ground in India. And guess who gets flashed on screen? A guy trying to fondle a girl. Spotted! How [un]lucky is he! 

Frame II

When the opportunity comes and goes out of hand in no time. Be it anything.

Both frames differ in weird ways. 

->Assuming the bottle would hold itself in the bag.

->Assuming the theatre would support your excitement to watch the girl of your dreams on the large screen.

->Assuming you wouldn't get noticed amongst the thousands.

Assumptions gone wrong.

->You lay the groundwork for an opportunity to knock only to notice it passed.

Hopes dashed.

We are within the frame where the consequence is an emotion. Always!

So, I wouldn't want to know(a wish to forget) in what way the two frames espouse each other. I just wish to be like an ant that finds its way to the sugar crystal even in the cleanest of rooms! A Tiny little creature surviving the huge world! Cos it hopes it doesn't come under the soles of the feet.

I assume.To hope. It is always 'I' who has the right to frame the right frame. Isn't it?

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Sushma said...

I love this post...perfect!