Sunday, November 08, 2009

The tail

Eh. Oh.

One can never really dwell on the mysteries of Conveying and Comprehending. I’ve faced such situations myself; some embarrassing, some pleasing, some none and some unclassified. Here’s a figment of imagination that tries to explain the Eh-Oh of life or a relationship or a connection between two entities.

Ark, an imaginably sensitive but sensible man goes by his daily routine, stands by his principles and believes in the power of the paranormal. He’s an Eh? He raises questions on uncertainties and has the habit of losing his way in his dreams of thought.

Olia is a downright selfish girl with no emotional balance in her heart but just a plain walker in life. An abnormal, absurd instance never raises her eyebrow. She counts life in seconds. She gives just an Oh to everything.

Ark and Olia happen to be the best buddies. Ark never questioned himself why he’s close to Olia. Olia just talks and talks to Ark, shares smiles and tears when her emotional balance is at one extreme. Ark is aware of her uncanny behavior. Ark, being an extreme Altruist, does everything he can to console Olia when she is at one end of the balance. He also grapples with the other end of her emotional balance. Olia almost never reciprocates his altruism. She just consumes it and the yesterday becomes a thing of the past, the day after such an incident. Ark conveys the care and affection. Olia just takes it and Ark comprehends this as a step to unintended but true Oppression.

This little weak link between the two gives Ark a night of nightmare. The next morning, Ark texts Olia ‘May be I should try wearing a don’t care attitude.’ Olia, just up from sleep replies by saying ‘Oh, good for you’ with a smile.

Somebody sense the tone. I say A, not Eh. I say O, not Oh.

Altruism gets Oppression!

That’s the body of the figment. The tail is the tomorrow of life and understanding.


Akshaya said...


Sridhar said...
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Sridhar said...

Simply Kiraak...:) The tail will always be the tomorrow of life and understanding. I somehow feel ur more of Ark... :D. Nice work keep it simple like tis...:)

Sahaja said...

very interesting!! I am at work now....and will have to read it again and post what i think!

Vijayturlapati said...

Uhh!!!!! awesome..the ending is really this makes more sense!!!!keep up the good work.,,

Anonymous said...

@aks: pleasure pleasure madame
@Sridhar: Aa man thanks. Ya you ordered me to keep simple na :D
@Ramya Woah. Surprised you read it. thanks thanks. pl do read and lemme know what you think
@Vijay Thanks a lot bro. keep me motivated.

Srikanth-LOLA-Viswanathan said...

I love the ending!

rajeev said...

@Sri aaah thanks macha...