Wednesday, February 09, 2011

No Man's Quest

 Dodged Quest

The rain came, but the flame thrived.
The step forward, for the love to survive.
The enigma lingered; emotion revived.

I took the flight; hoped no fight when I would first see her.
The cloud burst and the bolt of light was gone, what remained was the thunder
Of my heart; the turbulence aiding my muster.

Miles away on no man's land I stepped. I could hear
The whirring of the train engine and the call in its coo grew louder.
Alone in a long train, I was so detached
but this is the way to her, the thought keeping me relaxed.

Wind and Gaze, the worst hurricane
But it wouldn't collapse my strength; no way would the quest be in vain.
Off came a flying leaf, hybrid in dry and sodden,
Silence befell as it withered in my hand.

I stood by the tree, ramified through its age.
Greater than the miles I came, it stood tall
Seeking the reason for the blindness in love so small.
The Lady has a secret, and only that binds us all.

Shining through the light, smirk on her face;
towards me she walked, with an indifferent gaze.
A quiver of sorrows rooted from my legs,
Darning the secret, my sweat-wrapped-quest rot in pegs.

Who's to explain, the turn of events?
Undoing the sight, yet, my heart pumped spirit.
I began to question the uncalled nuance.

The stubborn stack of thoughts buried in mind,
There's still hope the secret would be kind.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. No other words describe this poem.