Sunday, September 25, 2011


That chat of Instinct

Plan and prepare, when the mind is set,
I go about today with no ado.
But when the seconds unrest,
I call for a plan redo.

Annoyed and upset I sit,
Hitting a needless mindblock.
Think not, nothing is going to take a hit,
I keep hearing the inner voice mock.

Do none, talk to the one.
Sounds right let me make the call.
Hello beautiful! I’ve thought of a mission,
But restlessness sucked it all.
I, instead, thought of having a chat marathon
With you for a righteous spent of time.

Hours went by, all ears she gave.
What do I do? Suggest in dear, will you please?
Sure dear, small chaos doesn’t decide what you ought to have.
Plan and plot your thought, seconds will be a positive ease.
Honest you are, correct you do.
Instinct it is, let it be your guiding marquee.

Much she said in the shortest of dict,
Made such sense that put her in new salience.
Instinct it is I should see,
Plan and prepare would find the right track.

Content I felt, upright I sat.
Thank goodness, she was there.
For this Life and Love, I’d go to the mat.
Gladness galore was the heart’s fore.