Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Envoy: Heart or Mind?

Brain is the thinking centre in the entire human (living) system. To put it plainly, it is the prime controlling centre. All our actions, thoughts are generated, processed and even the decision to put it in audible words is made by the brain. I’m on an illiterate platform to write about the brain. All I know is this: Brain is one greatest piece of technology ever created by God. You’ll know yourself what unimaginable things the brain can do. There’s never an ennui getting your hands on the brain.

One question that still remains in the sunless background- ‘Why do people say feelings are generated in the Heart rather than the Brain?’

I’m always at a loss when I think about feelings. ‘I pity him’, ‘I love her’, ‘I wanna kill that nitpicker’, and ‘how I admire that guy!' All these feelings arise from the mind? Or is it the heart? Is the mind same as the brain?

Often we hear people say ‘He’s kind at heart’, ‘He’s such a stone hearted person’, ‘He has a soft heart’. How about saying ‘He’s kind at mind’, ‘He has a mind as hard as a stone’. Doesn’t sound soft, does it?

Well, over the years of evolution we have accepted what stood as a standard. Few of us have made an attempt to make a change. We have failed to identify the roots of our feelings.

So which one’s the true and honest Envoy of our feelings?

C’mon let’s not equivocate.


Varun said...

I guess it's just a figurative thing :) All the heart does is pump blood :P

Ashwini said...

i feel its the mind which is the true envoy of ones feelings. the widespread notion that its the heart which gives rise to feelings of love, hatred and whatever is just good to watch in indian cinema. but in real life its the mind which is at work.