Tuesday, June 27, 2006



‘Get the keys, let’s hit the road!’

What you see on the road is not a bunch of commonsensical gentlemen, each driving a luxurious X-trail or a go fida, but a bunch of fools decrepit to such an extent that the thought of reformulating the laws takes a serious setback. And it doesn’t take great pains to see such a scenario. We are in India, aren’t we?

Everyman in this working world owns a car. Even a decently paid man owns a small car or a two-wheeler. Pictures of teenagers (well under the legal age of 18) driving heavy cars with hardly any knowledge of safety is not queer. Drive, keeping yourself and also the queer person in mind. If that unknown, unwritten and hidden coordination between the two doesn’t exist, then give way to destiny.

We boast of a zillion educational institutions coming up in the country and more so in states like ours (Andhra Pradesh), colleges which promise to deliver quality education; ‘give your child the learning edge; we make your child grow better.’ Instead they become centers of oodles of fun, definitely not the epicenters of education. What’s the point in gaining such knowledge when the very basics of living are still left untaught? Or are we of the conception that it should be a matter of common sense?

The point to be made is clear. Let’s rip the people off their right to drive. Let the illegitimate driving licenses be confiscated. Let us start afresh. We can’t run the risk of letting our lives off the noose; we have driven ourselves to such an extent.

Let the keys open the locks of ignorance. Let us rebuild ourselves to be perspicacious. Don’t let the Sciolist be the traffic police. Let the world observe that we do observe.

Life is at stake.


Varun said...

Nice post... made me look up the dictionary for a couple of words :P

You're calling the traffic police sciolists?

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@varun..na i meant let not the superficial knowledge on traffic/safety rule coz the scenario in today's world is such

Akshaya said...

total CAT eh? ;-)

sum4me said...

well i got my license using fake birth certificate. Now, I drive in US. Pretty well actually, after having seen some other fools drive. The point is, the system is not wrong it is the people. I dont think even our colleges are responsible for the mess. If you remember good morals and ethics are taught in schools. Remember the moral science class. Its just that as a society we dont seem to value civic responsibility. This is something that should be taught to kids by parents.
Ultimately, people will do stupid things if we let them. So, a huge responsibility lies with our judicial and law enforcement personnel. what is a law if it is not enforced?

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@sum4me: ya true.moral science at skool was indeed taught to make us aware wat the world has in store for us.but children rarely retain these morals,they are rather forced to study math and science.at a later stage one should be sensible enough to understand the value of 'sense on the road' and for this to happen i only feel,the system and the followers need to undergo a postivie transformation.

sridhar IIPM said...

jack gud topic but people don understand bec their mindset wont change. how much ever u try they simply r not bothered. but gud writing skills i must say. keep it up....