Sunday, September 10, 2006

Experiencing the passion!!!

It's all about writing...More to it:pictures,videos and music.what else can a blogger do??? Lots infact..Never knew Blogging could be so exciting..
Here in Tidel Park,blogging has been redefined.It only makes the passion more passionate.
Wonderful 'informal' talks and tech conversations,all under one roof...Contests,Excitement and 'blogging/hogging' all sound fun.

First Look-
Tidel park,the chennai equivalent of Cyber towers.The building looked like an ordinary (huge) IT park.Security for the event was beefed up.I looked like a software professinal entering the auditorium [:P] with the blogcamp tag.

There was the power of wordpress.Anybody planning to shift there?Then we had the battle continue with blogger beta .Which ranks higher?Well i guess those who can handle PHP,My SQL and stuff can actually decide which is right.Sorry guys!I hardly know anything about that.Thanks to BlogCamp,I came across those terms.I only blog to post my writings.
We had Kiruba and Ram with Podcasting.Ya podcasting reminds me of Sunil Gavaskar.Yes the batting legend podcasts.
Btw kiruba is one cool chap who handled the proceedings with ease.I heard he was great fun at the beach party [:)]
Click for Kiruba site/blog

Ganesh not only clicked lots of photos but gave great information in between.Great bloggers i came across!
Ganesh's rupya

Sunil Gavaskar,the most awaited session for the day.Well,he wasted no time.was there at the venue well in time.Not only his visit,we really got to know why he does podcasting.And the chat with him was not a waste of time at all as people feared it would attract media and nothing else.
Sharad's session (an ace photographer) on digital photography stood out as the best.Awesome photographs.He actually pointed out WHY blogs are so important...Three cheers!!!
Sharad's Shots

Robert Scoble,I never heard of him at first.SInce the entire venue was a Wi-Fi zone,i logged in to Wiki and checked out his profile.Microsoft chap,now in his own business.People had a decent video chat on skype.Pretty good streaming i should say [:D].

Hogging while Blogging-
The entry was free and lunch too[:O] ??????for two days? cool,i loved it.Vanilla and strawberry icecream the next day.Value for money [:P]

Yahoo! bag,a cool tshirt and a mug.I still haven't used the mug.Some kinda novel given too.

If you thought BlogCamp was boring,Correct yourself dude!

Blogs have changed the style of hobbying...

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hemanthi said...

wow!!! waiting for it....

Varun said...

Yeah, good fun it was. Hope they have it again next yr ;)