Friday, July 27, 2007

Build Up :P

LOL…I don’t know how to start this. It all happens at the gym!

Every person looks at the mirror while working out. To see how much body grows in a day? To see how rightly is the exercise being done? No. may be but it’s to see,to get a yay-I-do-look-macho feeling. I can read faces. :P

1. Guys come to just do weird exercises. Twisting, turning, dancing. It makes the other rotfl. Worse! The guy’s pants begin to come down :O

2. The guy described above never bothers to use the equipment. 400bucks for wat!

3. Guys who start off lifting kilos of weight on the very first day. My god!

4. Some just sit idle and listen to blasting songs. “Reduce the fat there damn you! Don’t stare at your own self!”

5. There are people who are superfast at lifting weights. An exercise which normally takes ten minutes is done in 2minutes. Phew! Is there some muscle!

6. No exercise but lots of water goes into the stomach.

7.Some come and ask when the other is busy using the equipment “I need this. Done?”

8. A few come and tell us exactly how to do an exercise. Cool. I like it.

9. Girls come too. Nah who cares. I’m unmindful of that.

10. Summing it up. I pity the coach.

Well. I work out the way my instructor tells me to. I’m modest :D Trying to put some skin on me.


shreybomb said...

wowo!!!!! hahahahaha! thats all i have to say! i have so seen this happen at the gym too! and the worst is when the guy is trying to flirt with the girl who is highly uninterested in him and the best is when while doing so, he slides off the treadmill and makes a complete ass of himself :D first hand experience of this :P

Varun said...

"Nah who cares. I’m unmindful of that"

Chaaa :P

But seriously... OMG! You going to the gym! :O Hope you're not bulking up too much... like one gorilla you'll look otherwise.

Rajeev Turlapati said...

u also go varun..gorillas wil rule :P
chance to mock :P

deepthi said...

hey had fun readin this.. made me lol :))!
"build up"..a very apt title:P.

supraja suresh said...

9. Girls come too. Nah who cares. I’m unmindful of that---->excuse me!!! are a weird kind of guy arent you??..hehe

sridhar said...

yo stallone interesting stuff man but u c,upstarts wen they basically do somethin new they want the whole world 2 know tat thy r also smart nd stuff even tho it may be cliche... 1 word of caution don over work out at the gym u never know wen ul end up tearing a tendon or pull a muscle nd hav a dislocation nd stuff...anyways gud work nd gud tat u update ur blog...

Vijayturlapati said...

Hmm..Gym o gym, troubling the tender bodies by making them do a hell lot of exercises...btw a nice suggestion to all the fitness freaks out there..Just follow a schedule..n don't go acc to ur whims and fancies