Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When the end comes!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the Review

June ’97. Harry has his first adventure. He and many other characters are brought to life by Joanne [J K Rowling]. Each character has been loved and equally hated.

July ’07. A world ruled by magic, charm,friends and love, the theme that has been conspicuous through out the series. The Deathly Hallows is convincing, predictable and binds all elements together.

The book starts off unlike the others. It moves straight into what needs to be told and the events are narrated with perfection. All doubts are erased. There is action, dialogue and instances that keep the reader guessing. There are events of tragedy but they are bound to happen. Is there any classic without a tear! Harry, though seventeen comes off age which is not really surprising. He shows immense maturity. No words for Ron and Hermione.

There are more charms and curses used in this book. There are tales told. There is light on the past, for Harry, Voldemort, Ron, the Dumbledores, the Malfoys and Snape. No character has been left out. There are reunions and there is romance. Emotions galore. Relationships blossom and yes the ending is expected and yet unexpected. For a true potter fan, tears of joy are bound to come. At places one might feel such an outcoming is obvious.

Brilliantly put in place and expertly handled Joanne gets a hurrah! Forgive her for lifting themes from other fantasy series. It has been put to proper use and it did entertain.

Let’s say Perfectus totallus. Perfect in total.

[This is probably not a perfect review but it's just been a week since the book's release. I expect to give another reading and when the world knows what happens,then comes the time to discuss and debate and hence a detailed review.]


Varun said...

"and yes the ending is expected and yet unexpected"

I'm confused :)

Ok I need to get around to reading a HP book sometime...

Rajeev Turlapati said...

yeah read it varun.the confusion will be gone :)

shreybomb said...

i completely agree about the ending part. It is definitely a brilliant book, nice ending to the series, even though I am sad that I will not have anything to look forward. But the Weasleys shouldn't have been affected at all...Oh well...its all good!