Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breathed into...


I Breathe your mind,
Of the fallen leaves
And broken branches.
I breathe your mind,
Of the dead root
And its lifeless crawl.

I breathe the pain,
Choking every corner
And of immobilizing moves.
I breathe the pain,
Seeing your lofted cordate
And the shimmering face of vee.

I breathe the insanity,
Filling every gap
And rendering me ticked.
I breathe the insanity,
Arising from your words
And arresting me itched.

Oh! I breathe to see,
to see the numbness before
and untangle the twists.
Ya! I’m still breathing,
To chalk out the stone
And unearth the sands of time.


Akshaya said...

Heavy!Reminded me of Coldplay :D (you know what that means to me)

Jojo said...


So U also include this kinda talent in writing!!! Great...