Thursday, July 03, 2008


Day before to Yesterday...

Work will grow on me. shortly. As the pressure mounts and expectations heap (assuming there are expectations), nerves begin to tighten. ‘?’ OMG there are chances of paralysis. You never know when
you actually cross your threshold until something happens. If you are rightly experienced there are chances to reduce the fatality to a danger! Nonetheless there is risk at every walk of life.

It is weird and gets annoyingly monotonous to hear people say ‘learn from experience. Learn from mistakes. Time heals everything. Everyday is a new day. Practice makes a man perfect. Be brave, face your fears. Forget the past, concentrate on future!’. … aah! how easy is that!

We constantly live in fear (rooted deep within: you never know what might happen the next second). Yet we are brave enough to bury it right there and plan for the future. Right approach. The inner strength oozes and probably that is why we exist. We are going to decay in a few years from now. But are we giving up?

Noted. There can be motivation. Say ‘oh yes. Right!’ and blink. Blink several times to realize we are still here.

But..Wasn’t 'yesterday' a future for the 'past'?

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Known said...

Dude... Prashanth here(LFJC)... Whats ur Orkut id... Or gimme ur contact on ne of d instant messengers... :)