Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Little Girl...

Point Of Restriction

It has been difficult. Everytime I curse living in this place, everytime I curse the circumstances that brought me to a situation that forces me to smile, I feel so disconnected. I did vie for this, one amongst many such people. While I delved into all this, attempting to release myself from the slag has been a job so tough! It rendered me immobile and speechless. Literally.

An incident one night gave me the kick, something that garnished my gamut of emotions. I was on the road walking alone staring at the tall trees, trees that prevented moonlight reaching the road, light that would otherwise bounce off the road. Guiding light! As I passed a chai stall, a man flicked my shirt pocket. I had nothing in it. Yet I felt the heaviness. The heaviness of paper. A paper that read 'Room ahead. Restrict your thinking!'. That did not make any sense to me.

I did walk a few steps ahead. Instinct! Curiosity! What could restrict my thinking mean? I did not find a room. Instead it was just a raised platform. Hands on hips cursing the guy, I wondered what made him pick me. My eyes looked at the floor and my legs restless. I felt a hand holding me as I answered a few questions to myself. It was a little girl dressed in whitish pink. She said nothing. She raised her finger and pointed at the sky. She then spoke, restrict your restrictive thinking. Look at the sky. Look at the moon. There isn't a tree. There are millions of stars. A few twinkle and a few dull. Then she disappeared. I still felt her grip.

Yes. Since then I stopped staring at the ceiling of my room. I brought myself into the open. I love the sky. Just hop on from one star to another, there is a different twinkle each time. I felt her smile. And everytime I am alone, her point of restriction fetches me a smile.


Akshaya said...

Profound but true.
Nice post, well written :)

Jojo said...

Good, at last u've changed ur mind. :)