Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's a sign...

I had the shoe brush in my right-hand while I held the boot with my left. Ever since people tagged me as the soliloquy bugger, I began talking to myself even more. What’s wrong? I talk to myself. There are two persons living within me, the fiend and the conscience. What’s wrong if I butt in? I chuckled and continued admiring the beauty of the beach, still holding the boot in my hand. Whoa! Thanks mom, this place is lovely. Who often gets to have a holiday in such a place! Yeah, it’s a dusty place. Or sandy? The beach is meant to be sandy. Blah. How does it matter if I wear my boots or not? Whatever! I dropped the brush and left one boot unpolished. The sun set in the horizon against the backdrop of the trees and birds. Amazing! What the… I still haven’t felt the sand all day. I got glued to my chair trying to break my writers’ block. Just then I noticed a smile formation on the sand. Brilliant! Nature’s calling. Time to set foot on the sandyland…I hopped past the boulders of stone, barefoot, before I slipped and fell over hurting my knee. Damn the boots. Aren’t they for sand? I would have had them for grip on these rocks. Sigh! I managed to pick myself up. Thank you, let’s move on to see the smiley. Alas! I lost track of the place where I spotted it from my room. Ridiculous, if only I managed to have my boots on! But yeah I realized I was standing on the nose of the once-upon-a-time-smiling-smiley-formation-on-the-sand. Where are the eyes? The nose happened to extend itself meeting the smile perpendicularly and the eyes disappeared. How fitting! .The shape resembled an anchor and what does this signify?

I returned to my room when I heard my mom shouting, her voice fleeting in the wind ‘Son, get your butt off the chair and get on the beach. You anchored yourself to this darned chair since the time I brought you here.’ 

Yes, nature beckons… 

[my friend had asked me to post something delightful instead of a serious post. hence this.]

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Akshaya said...

**beach beach! I also want to go the beach** [continues screaming]