Wednesday, March 04, 2009



Hell!I was out in a black cloak
with an axe to kill a young bloke.
'There will be blood', I jeered and my face was red,
'There cant' be blood',sneered my head.

With a confused look,at it I gloared.
'Your time has come',thence being roared.
Woosh!came my axe,the air disturbed,
Thud!broke the grave,shards disbursed.

Out he came dressed like me,
I couldn't make out if it was he.
'Hell,man,this is hell',he sung
'here,everybody's death knell had already rung'.

Hell yeah! Now I know my head's curse,
for me now,hell didn't get more worse.
'All right bloke,let us fight',
'For in hell there is no wrong and right'.

Nothing left,None to rue
for I landed here after the slew.

[The post,in itself,isn't meant to be a poem.It rather is a little imaginative narration of an event.]


Akshaya said...

Ooooh! Rhyming poem and all.

Hemanth said...

fighting the ghosts in your head mate?!..:D...Nice one!..:)

Anonymous said...

@hem: haha thanks mate..

Anonymous said...

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Vijayturlapati said...

nice poem..