Friday, March 13, 2009


Smoky Sweet Scene

The bottlecap tossed high. It was my foot kick of frustration. It was an advice that would have helped my friend for a lifetime. He chose soccer over Tennis as his sport. Tennis has seen legends. So did Soccer! he said. But Tennis is a King's game....

A little kid crossed my path and handed over the bottlecap to me. You know kid, you should play Cricket, I told him. He smiled, then frowned and ran away. These kids are....they are..well.. on a good platform... And they have years to go before they make a choice to choose their kind ofsport. While I continued walking and talking to myself, I noticed fumes coming out of a window. OMG! FIRE!!! there was extreme panic and pain in those crying voices. Four guys along with me tried to break the door open. I rushed in to see a television screen cracked to pieces. Was it switched on? I asked myself. Yeah it was, answered the guy behind me with puffy and sleepy eyes. Dude, what the hell was happening in here? And...and you don't feel the smoke? It chokes me to death. Such things really grind my gears. Naah, my wife and I had a fight about what to watch, Tennis or Soccer. She decided it has to be Tennis. So i decided to kick the ball, crack the tv screen and sleep. And she didn't stop me.. He explained in an extremely patient voice. There was an implicit lesson to cool yourself down when the matter isn't hot. Ok! So where's your wife now? I turned around and asked. People left and the guy hit the sack. It's like nothing happened in here. The anguish died, took less than the duration of the guy's explanation of the 'hap'.

While I blabbered to myself, on a lower level this time, the kid stopped me again and asked Can you get this lid opened for me?

I asked him a favor in return pointing a finger to the house in smoke. Can you tell me where that lady is? know..the one staying in that house..

I never got an answer. And it was a Tennis-Ball can that the kid brought to me for help, that later brought a half-smile to my face.

And the other half-smile.......?!?


Hemanth said...

heavy theme...I still have a long way to go to reach your high standards!.:P

Vijayturlapati said...

Man, seriously what a way to end it..It brought a huge smile on my face as well..

Anonymous said...

@hem: dude don't say that. :(
@vijay: Thanks bro..didn;t expect you to say that. :)

spoorthy said...

very well put...really kool..ur a natural..:)

Anonymous said...

@chinnu: thanks a lot..