Saturday, August 08, 2009

Racing past the point

Mind Over Matter

Must be very hard for you huh, I asked.

Yeah! Think about it. I race on your bike and just before I thought I had her on my track, she jumps the signal and damn! I’m so screwed at home. He said with an angst reddened face.

Oh good Lord! What is even love-at-first-sight? Did you even look at her properly? What if she had freckles or a scar or say a squint? said Lea seated on my right.

Oh sorry. Ark this is Lea. Lea this is Ark. I introduced them both to themselves. Ark, I have to warn you, Lea is one big preacher. She has her opinion on everything in the world. I signaled Ark with a read-between-lines gesture. Ark just frowned. I was glad I could finish my line. With Lea around, the last time my vocal cords processed my entire mind-request was way back in the life where we weren’t friends.

I wish I could draw a few dotted lines connecting my mind to the dialogue-box over my head that said ‘Ark, if only you read my mind!’ I spoke to myself in the head.

Lea continued from where she left off. So Ark, this whole seeing-the-girl thing, isn’t it complex? Oh c’mon, you don’t even know where she’s going. Do you even have a clue about the best damn thing in her? She pitied Ark. Lea, I read a lot about the extra-terrestrial influence on a human-being. The moment I saw her take my bike, I thought she must be ‘the one’. She must be a person with a vision. A person who wants to do what she really wanted all her life. Think about how desperate she is. To jump a signal just to go get...something..? She might well know how serious the consequences could be. Ark responded.

So your parapsychology taught you that jumping a signal insinuates that the person is a visionary? She can easily be a stupid person who fears a ticket for having raced past the signal. You wish to end up with a girl with a crooked sense of thought? Lea retorted.

Well! fast-paced love for a fast-paced life. Ark re-retorted.

While Lea excused us for a minute to take her phone call, Ark said, Dude that is one seriously interesting girl you have with you. That was fun. To think of having a discussion while playing with a person’s strength or weakness….ok weakness…?.is fantastic to get past crappy mood.

Guys, I have to take leave. Ark, looks like the girl did seem like sending you a message like those ESP freaks do. Lea left.

So, a ticket that will be heavy on your pocket! I should never have told Anita about the new book in store. I said. Yeah! Anita is so done for good for nipping my bike. And yes, you go screw...and have fun with Lea for being a darned listener. I mentioned ‘my bike’ in my little paranormal talk and she never noticed!



Srinivas said...

I've got only one question Rajeev.
How do you think of these things sitting before the screen?;)

Anonymous said...

@Srinivas I don't know.Even this time I trusted my spontaneous flow of thought.

Vijayturlapati said...

Good one..Same question what Srinivas had asked

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