Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The Singularity Phenomenon.Unexplained.

He woke up this morning after a sleep of jitters. He rubbed his eyes and his fingers and eyes twitched. He had nothing to do during the day and his to-do book was empty. Again. It was 8 am.

He browsed and found nothing. His news feeds read more about the air plane crash and racist attacks besides some shocking sports headlines. There was an unusual silence in the atmosphere. He wondered why the birds still chirped. It looked like a sunny pleasant day with the dry sands luring those on the road to go on a long trip after a quiet spell of overnight rain. After a quick shower and a spray of Axe temptations, he walked out, for just a walk. He was still dazed by his sleep, something he couldn’t discern.

Moments later, he saw himself seated beside an elderly man in a city bus. My memory is weaker than ever. I begin to forget things. Is this the bus that goes to The Avenue? he asked.

The Sun, unfortunately, was beating down and the day wasn’t pleasant anymore. Perhaps, it was a matter of going out on the wrong day or perhaps it was just an expectation that fell/felt out of place. We are too late for lunch sir. It is beyond time. Can you spare some extra change for a snack? The guy at the juice counter asked him handing him a glassful of lemonade.

He was given a token and it read ‘J100’ and he was indeed the hundredth person in the long queue at The Avenue. Having skipped lunch, exhaustion began to take control. Are we ever going to see the director today? I’m tired and hungry and I am drained. Not just today but this is everyday . The R word sunk the world. 100 to one job. What are the odds! Said the man in a brown suit. It was 4pm.

With a copy of ‘Coffee Tales’ in his hand, he quietly sipped his mug of coffee. She left you didn’t she? Tough, ain’t it? Said a young girl seated next to his table. It was 7pm.

Yet another fruitless day, only time beckons.

He put his book, We Are Not Alone, down to get some sleep. It was 2am.


Sridhar said...

Every day is a fruitless day until you make it fruitful and we are not alone is very true in certain times. You would find millions of others who have issues which are beyond them and that's when they turn to somebody who they feel would solve their case be it the Almighty or just another fellow companion. All in all a nice piece of work :)

Varun said...

His eyes "twitched" eh? :P

I thought this was gonna be some abstract sci-fi post with the title, ghost et al :)

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@sridhar: merci
@varun: Eyes do twitch.aren't u happy it has a part of ur blog name?!!? Sci-fi story keliye no time though there is a lot of time....!

P V S said...

very well narrated... don't ya worry, sab theek ho jayega... itz jus a matter of time and when its time, jus go and grab yours... don't ever leav S.P.A.M.ing :)

Vijayturlapati said...

Wow, nice narration.. I liked the way you ended..We are not alone..nice one..and also a spray of axe temptations..quite funny...Good blog..

Srikanth-LOLA-Viswanathan said...

Interesting :D