Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Null not

For the entire complex network of nerves that run through my body, I am just a user. I could put them to different kinds of use. I could put them to test; I could hold them, or loosen them or just let them give me a stroke. Sometimes this very network drags me to a state of unexplainable emotion or anxiety. It is then I feel I am let off the hook. Or even dangerously close to the noose. It is during this 'sometimes' that I become a victim of unpredictability. Or when the Rationale in me begins to nullify.

Time doesn't know what happens around it, does it? Everytime I begin to stop time, say, for holding a memorable moment, I begin to realize I am spending that one extra second to see failure. On the flip side, everytime I begin to multiply a second, say, to let the mind skip thoughts of misery, I begin to realize I am spending those extra few seconds hoping for happiness.

I wake up every morning; with the bizarre thoughts that come during the night, subtracted. I always hope to polish my mind with a sense of sanity. The ink of the mind begins to tick off the points against the daily checklist, the first point on the checklist being: lived rationale? Have my actions explained my principles? What else do I need to do? How should I not care people who nullify their principles? Even if the acts that seem irrational to me seem rational to them... when the points get ticked off point by point, nerves begin to play.

I know, I can't let the nerves strike or thoughts choke me. I live by the reason. And I won't let the 'best' left to be corked while I begin to let myself loose off the noose.

I let Rationale be. Are you an 'I'?


Vijayturlapati said...

Overall well said, let the rationale be, and could have been better if this was translated into a poem as well. Just a thought!!

Sridhar said...

Wonderful as usual I think i need to stop mentioning it everytime goes without saying... :) Now coming to R Rationull the best thing would be to think less and take everyday as it comes and enjoy the finer moments of life...In short B+ve... :)