Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I Think I Lost A Few Taste Buds

I don't really blame people who take those extra few seconds to make a choice. If Green scores over Red, a choice is made. If black looks prettier than white, a choice is made. again. Woah, so much in a color!

A woman gives two lollipops of different flavors to her two kids. One of the kids begins to weep while the other slurps it on. And the mom makes an easy look and tells the kid 'Hell yeah! I took that for you, you didn't make the choice, did you?
The natural reaction would be 'Oh sorry honey, here's another flavor.' 

I'm with the mom here. She went over a small point to analyse a choice, her choice for the kid, assuming both her kids would like the same flavor. Now, would you call her uncaring or would you call her a careless-analyzing-mom?

So much goes over a choice. You are faced with a choice everyday. Rational or irrational, you are backed by your own reasons or motives to make a choice. Sad to say, choice sometimes becomes a decision. Or sometimes Choice becomes synonymous to Decision. 'There are about ten guys to choose from. What do I decide?' says a girl before she eventually decides on one person to exchange her wedding vows. Weird, I call it. 

It's individuality, really. It's more like closing your eyes and seeing where your thoughts are angled at,  not really pointed at. For me, it is more of a thought-process or an inclination before I lay my finger at that choiced something.

Weirder is when I begin to compare my choice with somebody else's and begin to feel 'Aah, I should have taken that. My choice is so rot.' Happens. That's when I feel like I have lost a few taste buds.


Vijayturlapati said...

Quite a decent post...Choiced, yes each one is when it comes to decisions. Finally it is the decision we make and it should be something we repent of later. Yes, we need to be flexible in some aspects..

Sridhar said...

Choice we need like Change we need. Choice helps you many times to make wise decisions. Infact you may have gained a few taste buds in the bargain...So yeah cheers!!! :)