Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cut to Power

 In No land

Christopher Nolan, Your mind is the scene of power. It is with that power that you have weaved magic with the use of the word crime. Here on, anyone who could come close to your mind or even tries to emulate you, is a criminal. For you, the World is a place of Aliens and you, the Human.

I now consider myself being part of a club that has watched all of Nolan's movies, including his short called Doodlebug, which you can watch here. All his movies are not just mind-blowing but they take you through an experience. If this isn't versatility, what is?  And why exactly is Nolan one of the greats? Imagine working on one of the most widely read/watched comic superheros of all time - Batman. Tim Burton started off the modern Batman series which was later ruined by Joel Schumacher but the franchise was given an entirely new life when Nolan decided to fly with the Batman. He put in Bale, a loyal albeit a voice-jarring Batman player, who gave Batman a new face behind the mask. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are now amongst Nolan's finest works. Needless to say his Memento and others that followed redefined movies.


[Spoiler free. Read it.]

It begins and ends in a dream, as a dream, for the reality; reality that a movie on this level of the mind can be made. Dreams are meant to be parts of a puzzle that cannot be solved. Dreams have no faces. Dream is a decoration. Dream is a consequence of what reality fails to show us

The movie begins, takes you to different levels of excitement as you get plunged in to a world architected to perfection; a world where gravity is gorgeous, destruction is awesome and where unbelievable is just a paradigm. All this chokes you until someone gives you a kick to come back from your dream. Every little detail in the movie such as performances, background score, cinematography, locations become a part of that dream. 

Wondering why everything is so? Try spinning your totem.

I wake up and I re-wakeup to find myself stuck in the dream. Richard Linklater taught me this loop of life and now Nolan has brought Ideas in to that dream.

Sleep with the Idea. Embrace the Limbo.


Anonymous said...

Was waiting for this review :)

Karthik Abhiram said...

Watching "Doodlebug" now! Thanks!

Nice post :)