Thursday, July 08, 2010



For him, Fate was a half-baked cookie and Destiny was its cheese dip. He grew up accepting his own theory of  cookie in cheese but denying the verity of the two. To him, every event is an uprising, every happening is a consequence and every feeling was a culmination of the two. He could not base his life on an event of the past or a happening of the present. Because he bore the brunt of the blow that came from people around him. To him, it was all about nothing; just the day that passes in the sanity of belief in the moment.

His reasoning was simple. It was based on logic that demanded no great mind. If everything happened for a reason, what does denying mean? Life is left with no choice if it were so. What is decision then? At one point, he had to make the biggest life-changing decision and now he is staring at the possibilities of the opposite. So based on this, now is Fate and Destiny, thus, is being modeled with catalysts, or pawns, called decisions and denials.

But then, he reasoned to live, even if it meant loving half-baked cookies and giving your taste-buds a sour ride. While his destiny waited, he took a piece of paper and enclosed it in a bottle that is now floating in the ocean.

What is that that awaits?  

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