Saturday, July 15, 2006

U Turn!

U and ME…

You must be wondering what is ‘U and ME’… No this is not a romanticized piece of writing but a writing of gloom and first big failure.

U and ME, the U in Unlucky and Unfortunate and ME, the ME in myself. Looks like they can never really be detached.

Two weeks of work and one decision put me a million steps behind the ones who are ahead. Serious amount of planning and scheduling, sincere work to make my skills count and everything duly thought proved to be a big setback. The very point questions my self-belief and ability. Is being rightly confident that dangerous?

I failed to grab an opportunity in my college which would ensure an educative career.I wished this day was a dream.I pinched myself only to feel the pain. 'No, i wasn't dreaming'. And now I’m left with one option – WORK HARD TO SCREW THE dash out…

U and ME: hope it is Unworried and ME.


Varun said...

You prolly didn't fit the job profile thasall :) Don't take it so much to heart re.

Something better will come by your way, I'm sure!

ashwini said...

hey raj! its not even the beginning of our career. you still have lots of good things in store for you.