Monday, July 31, 2006

Eye to an I...

I love I

No no, I am not a narcissist. The very letter ‘I’ rings numerous bells in my mind.

I can be Intelligent; many people in this ruddy world are of the opinion-Intelligence counts a lot. Ruddy or bloody? Well yes! But remember today it comes with cruelty. Despotism??? Trying to conquer the world, coming up with an intelligent sophisticated scheme or a nasty thought of being the lone one in this world, extreme ways of vilification is the most happening thing in front of our eye. Bombings huh!!! Why aren’t we at peace?

I can be Ignorant; there are heedless people in this world. What goes on around one is never a thought provoking point! They never show signs of ‘sense’. Probably that’s one reason why the former I takes stage. We have become that Insensible & Insensitive. Strange enough, the I in intelligent still gives birth to several other Is.

I (pardon! It’s ‘me’ this time) pity girls who are left Ignorant after a ball of great time with their boyfriends. I just realized Ignorance comes out of Indisposition. Right? Girls, find some Imperturbable guys!

I can be any damn thing in this world. Think about F. Harsh words??? Let’s try to be soft then.

Let the eyes look at some good Is.



Varun said...

Sorry but this is too V-for-Vendetta-ish for me :D :P

Rajeev Turlapati said...

no varun,actually i planned to write this after a small chat wid my fren in th class.then i came up wid this thing 'I'.something different u see...

Akshaya said...

we all have different I's, intelligence, ignorance, innocence, indifference...what we are is what we choose!so it happens most of the times someone else might have chosen what we havent and hence comes the question of irritation.but nevertheless we all these things are indisposable....i understand why u wrote this.but just wanted to make this observation[:)]