Wednesday, April 18, 2007



We enter this world completely unaware of what the world has in store for us. For how many years does this happen? Not sure. But yes, until we learn how to express ourselves, as a baby/child/kid, we cry. Crying dominates smiling at this age. Nature has a clever way of making things grow.Whoa!

When we open our eyes to see the real world, we begin to understand where we stand. Terra firma or is it ready to crumble? Let us say ‘what we need’ is a question our brain has still not bothered to answer. We turn to the experienced. For an advice. We learn to advise. Sensible if not abnormal. As long as the scenario is different, advising is fine. What matters is how truly we have experienced its consequences, to be able to advise. If it isn’t so, then give way to deception (most likely).

We are driven by many needs. We want happiness, don’t we? We want to make ourselves comfortable. To find these, to add to our growth, we are mostly driven by advices, to an extent where we begin to see how wonderful the life is going to be but not how difficult. Why do we get influenced so easily! Are we forgetting we have the potential to make our own decisions.(?)

Be Driven. To understand oneself? Better. Driven to rive? Pity.

It takes a lot (or nothing?) to :-)



Vijayturlapati said...
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supraja suresh said...

yes is always a pursuit of one thing or other...unending....

the way you lead it should be decided by you.....u should be the ruler of empire 'my life'..!!!(suggestions and advices ...take them but the end decision shld be yours!!!...)...n see this way everyone is a king.. ;-)

good post!!!

Akshaya said...

I once wanted to write a post on the same topic but different idea. Today its not just about getting advices but we are bombarded with advices. And when I say this its not just from persons in and around but its from the net, papers or any other media. We are relying on too many supports than just sit for a moment and analyze for ourselves. Call it the problem of excess! We are crippling ourselves and in the process losing something called individuality. Following the crowd seems to be the trend, passions are buried and the inner voice is stifled. Our generation more than anything needs time for the ‘self’. Yes only one's own self, time away from all new age devices which is calling for early death of our individual selves.

Yes as you say time to grow, mature and open one's eyes.

Varun said...

Nice post... the comments even better - they're written in English I can understand :P

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@varun: you are always behind 'udnerstanding'

@akshaya: you have added a lot to my views aks...:)

@sups: way to go sups..gr8 to see ur views here

Vijayturlapati said...

Hmmm, gud point u have made, taking an advice to some extent is not bad, but that should not lead its way to dependence...and should not hamper the growth of one's individualistic ideology. Things need to be changed, people need to grow in a way to change their approach in every domain where taking advice has to be transformed into giving advices to pave way for success so that crying translates into smiling....Gud post.......gud encouragement for disillusionment that has surfaced everyone.