Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shock and Key...


One person.Ten keys to shock...

1. "You've grown fat"

2. Missing out on the latest horror/thriller in hollywood

3. Wakeup early in the morning before 5,esp for studies

4. Prepare or cook a multi-stage dish,esp from an international cuisine (recipe) book

5. "Your software is more than a month old.Update it dude"

6. Not cursing (sick) people driving on road

7.Attempting to repair anything related to electricity

8.When someone says "I care for U"

9.Slipping into sleep without my knowledge

0.Promising myself 'to stay without getting angry on anyone,atleast for a day'

Owe this topic to an SMS conversation!


Varun said...

"You've grown fat"

LOL! if somebody said that to you I'd be shocked alright :P

Akshaya said...

I also loved the first one. ROTFL :))

Anyways high fives. We did it :D

deepthi said...

there's a lil possibility of u growing fat someday but u staying without getting angry with anyone atleast for half a day!:0 ..tats a 9/11 level shock( can't u handle a lil exaggeration?:P)