Saturday, April 28, 2007


Famous guy.Famous show.
I don't watch this show.I don't know anything about him.If you wanna know click here.
A quick idea given by my friend.Taken.Drawn.Killed time.

"Let's Get
Hmmm not interested...


Varun said...

Hehe I've never seen an episode of Pokemon either.

Nice drawing!

Now if only I had time to kill :(

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@varun: chill varun..come to 4th yr :P

Srikanth said...

Nice drawing.
that boy is Pokemon, and the animal(?) is pikachoo(something of that sort)
all gyan obtained from watching cartoons with my daughter...

Akshaya said...

Yay! Total funk! You are getting better and better. :D

And blah, Pokemon is fun when your collecting all those card ensembles, cartoon didn't interest me.

Karthik Abhiram said...

Cool drawing Rajeev!!

I've never watched Pokemon either. I guess with most anime you have to see the series from the first episode, otherwise you won't be able to understand anything else. :)

The only anime show I ever watched for a considerably long time was "Dragonball Z" on Cartoon Network a few years ago, and I watched around 50 episodes before they stopped it. It was awesome, but I guess if I hadn't watched it from the start I wouldn't have appreciated it at all.

deepthi said...

hey it did come out very well..

after all whose idea![B-)]