Friday, May 25, 2007


Dreaming (on) the battlefield!

I like to keep it short.Brevity,I've learnt recently,has the power to expand itself :D. Short,just like a dream.Who knows how long a dream can be?If you are a lucid dreamer then...!

Dreams can be silly,pitiful,funny,rotten,pleasant(?),serious,intense,thoughtful,a reprise or blank.Most of them are forgotten.Well! almost.
From Shyamu I learnt dreams can be a mix of all :) A mixed bag.
The striking part??? Yeah,the stage was set.It was a battlefield with few people scurrying,holding M249 SAW Machine guns,yelling,fighting,fighting for survival and dynamism.
The stage was temporary.It sank without a trace,into thin air.A blink in the dream erased an intriguing picture.There was no survival.Soldiers were back home on bed.
Yes! It was pleasant.Funny.It was a victory within itself.The flag flies high.There was none to flay this act.A battle had been won with no tangible opposition!
It was a Dream night,dream that appeared hazy and vague.The battlefield,strangely,always remained the same.For ME!

Shyamu,how did you steal it from me? :D
Yeah,it was Sweet.beloved beast does it again :D

PS:Gosh,lemme not dream ON the battlefield.Lot is at stake.


supraja suresh said...

you clearly seem to be watching a lot of movies!!!..

psssst....oh ya!!no doubt there... i know you are watching movies back to back day and night!!:-P

shreybomb said...

umm lot is at stake for whom? You or the other people n the

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@shreyasee: lot is at stake for every soldier on the battlefield :D

Vijayturlapati said...

Well, gud dream....but it's always a dream and not possible in reality... A battle field without an opposition..sounds a bit dreamy....I hope to have my battle field in a way like ur dream with no barriers so that I come out ever victorious...

deepthi said... this is ur recurring dream u keep tellin me abt.

tittu-the gr8 warrior[:P]