Thursday, May 10, 2007

Writers' Guild

Hands of Writers...

"We have something to say to people,we weren't just kids in a class anymore,we were writers with our own voices,our own stories and even if nobody else read it,the book will be something to leave behind us,said 'we were here,this is what happened,we mattered,even if it was just to each other' "

--- Quotes by a Freedom Writer

THE FREEDOM WRITERS DIARY,published in 1999.
[Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers started the Freedom Writers Foundation dedicated to recreating the success of room 203 in classrooms throughout USA.]

This movie is pure magic!Watch it.You'll know it.
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"I have a dream.My dream is to be free.We are gonna work it out now........"


Akshaya said...

Now, I feel like watching a movie. Inspiring!

shreybomb said...

k so apparently i had read this post