Wednesday, May 02, 2007


What makes a wedding gift!
Speed movie reminds of the thrilling elevator scene. People stuck,tensed,fearing a free fall and EXPLOSION.Well! I had an experience as good as speed.The differences are-there wasn't any bomb,neither was jack [grin]

I always cursed the area I've been to last night.Dilsukhnagar.Quite some history to it.Goes down to a few decades.There's this hotel called 'Swagath'."Famous",I was told.I went there with my radar notes in hand.My distant cousins were like 'Hey YOU!studying! Shock!". "Dude,making use of time you see!" All this happened on the ground floor.There's a Banquet Hall on floor-5. Why the hell did my studying happen on the ground floor? It was because the lift got jammed midway just when i pressed the button.Shook 1.

Just when the lift said "alright,place for ten",I stepped in.A couple entered behind me."I know them". Shook 2.

Just after a few seconds,the lights inside the lift went off and there....Stuck.Stranded.Sweating,Breathless. Shook 3

"Talupu tee ra kodakallaraa...Evadra ee lift maintain chesedi.Tosi padesta em ankunaro!",shouted the one beside me(Some cursing happened) .Shook 4.

It was about twenty minutes later we stepped out.I mean jumped out,after some manual pulling of the high tension wires by the security personnel.Tension in every sense.I spent those twenty minutes in the dark talking to the couple I knew.I initiated the conversation. "I know you Mr.X"..........
I entered the hall to see a lady. "I know her too.From where? on TV?" "Yes! a television actress" .Shook 5

I hogged.Nothing excess though.Struggled to eat with papers in hand.Challenged my mom "That lady is an actress.Confirm and tell me.She's looking so beautiful" ."Neeku ela telsu ra.Aina aa ammayi em bavundani chudatanki! "("How do you know?That lady isn't beautiful anyway!") .Shook 6

I picked my icecream cup.Just then I got a message which shocked me! "Whoa! Am i worth this sweetness!" .Shook 7

All through the evening, I had my eyes of observation on three people.They really interested me:
1. A little girl who refused to eat without sitting on a chair.Her dad looked like a decent man."Plate patkuni baitaki ranamma.Nuvellu parledu.Nenu chustu unta le" ("I don't wish to come out of this place while eating.You go.It's ok.I'll look at you while you eat (A wall separates the dining and the hall)
2.An arab who had different dishes on different plates.So it effectively meant multiple rounds of hogging.How much did this cost the host! .Shook 8
3.A group of engineering students having a ball of a time chatting,occupying the last row of seats.It was fun.

So it took 8 different Shooks to make the gift. And I didn't hand it over to the newly married couple. [grin]



Akshaya said...

A very rare wedding gift I would say. And the lift experience, my god! :O

supraja suresh said...

whao!!...too many events to fill a day....nice.... :-)

Vijayturlapati said...

Shook 9 [grin].......gud post..n gud experiences....n hope not to have such a gruellin experience on the day after wedding...hahahah

deepthi said...

have been starving to read a humorous post written by you..atlast u did write one..wit a lil humour.good one

..and @shook 7: yes you are worth it:)