Sunday, April 05, 2009


I thought I lost all my blogs posted on my Cognizant internal blogging portal. The posts that were made have not been read by my friends outside Cognizant. This day brings me back those memorable moments. Hence, this post that happened a year ago. F5....

Fairy in the night...of bliss!

I woke up to a thundering sound. Aaah! It completely blew my head off. I buried my head under a fluffy pillow while I begged my ears to disregard the cloudburst. I felt Goosebumps. Sleeping with a bare chest with just a slinky sheet of cloth, on a sultry night after slogging at work on a sweltering day generally keeps the heat away for me. Phew! And now nature called for a day of contrast. I could feel it.

The clock ticked three. As I struggled to pull the blanket back on myself I could see the wings of the fan combating the gusty wind. Yes the little red lamp wasn’t glowing in the dark. The curtains swooshed inwards providing a picture of a devil in a white dress flying across the room. For my vision cropped by sleep, the sight looked nightmarish. “O fairy, O angel, grant me a wish!” I asked her with diminutive mysticism.

“Wake up to see the day…”

It was half past seven and the Sun shone bright. It appeared the hour was oblivious of the hours it followed. How could nature be so rude to time! My wish flitted with the breeze without leaving a ray of hope within me. The fairy left without a trace. Or maybe… I picked up my comb but the air in the room ruffled it giving me the usual scruffy look.

1800hrs: it was raining hard. And I had a bus five miles away waiting to drop me home. Homeland! the place where your dad or mom closes the windows before the curtains scare you. Before the thought of ‘the fairy’ comes to your mind. I waved myself goodbye looking outside the window, the rain inundating the bus-station.

1730hrs: I wonder what drove me to step out in the rain!

I quickly realized seat no.38 wasn’t mine. Never mind, who’s gonna bother looking out in the rain! Who is no.37! For me a journey is always synonymous to sleep unless the nature calls me to admire the beauty of the forest or the hills. I closed my eyes and in no time I was awoken by a mesmerizing little ‘Excuse me…!‘O dear God…’ I exclaimed to myself. My jaw dropped.

It took fairly long for me to take my eyes off her. Clad in a white angelic top, she looked stunning. And as the bus passed a street decked with white lights, she looked no less than a fairy!

There was just silence all along the journey. The bus braked the next morning and while she took her bag to get down, I said ‘Have a lovely birthday!’… she frowned then eventually smiled at me…

I don’t repent overhearing her birthday wish. Thanks to the caller.

As I penned this down that night, the light went off and then the curtains swooshed again…


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Sridhar said...

You've ended it pretty well in a real nice way keeping the reader hooked on and guessing...Glad you did not end it the Nagesh Kuknoor way... :)

Akshaya said...


Shyamala said...

Amazes me how you manage to spin such a great story around a simple theme!!
Good job, again :-)

shreybomb said...

nice!!! but (and you are going to hate me for this) your style is getting a tad bit will know what i am saying once you re read it..

but yea tis aa nice little story ...keep writing

Anonymous said...

@sridhar: thanks dude
@akshaya: i know you are kinda upset with me.
@shyamala: mmmkay di
@shreya: this was written an year ago.i hope to improve now.well i still feel this was one of my fav posts written during cheerful times.your point noted.

spoorthy said...

Hey sry for d deelay....nice post agn:)

Anonymous said...

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