Friday, July 11, 2008


Climbing the Ladder

It sounds so weird but i haven't seen any guy's emotional graph go up and down. the funniest thing is it stays down for a long time until the guy goes to his room and sits with his friends. A friend says this is just a phase while the other says aaj pooja kal koi dooja before the third buttts in and says ladki ki tarah mat ro re ***** . Taxing! really taxing! I have written many posts on emotion, he should have read them! His Business analyst happened to read his___ bhari kahaniyaan on the office blog and it did not take him anytime to guess what the situation was. agle din uske mohalle mein aishwarya aayi he said. :O the guy found himself restless, dumb and had neither an answer nor smile. He just misses the loving paradise past, the entity that created it! Like akshaye khanna in DCH says 'is mitti ko dekh rahi ho?jitni hi kas kar pakadne ki koshish karogi,utni hi aasaani se haath se nikal jaati hai' [similar lines]...

Numerous things have happened.I was watching this all through with the guy living within myself!
It's been exactly a month since a major change happened. May be i should try writing more stuff.
I got influenced watching 'Waking life'.Click to check out the script. I love being weird!

The reason for this post: Another day in Paradise! Definitely not...

Akka: Don't hate me for being so sensitive. You know me!

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Hi Rajeev.

You should definitely check out the script of Waking Life at

It's much more accurate, and a lot more readable.