Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fitting fifty?

I see a blogpost with the lamp of a question mark

I have been on a journey since 27months. The day I put my thoughts on screen, I thought I’d be looking at something big. It really is too early to see where I stand. I realized I just found my roots and it will take long to make them grow. I have tried to be one of the weirdest guys on the blog, I have made posts that seemed crazy but, to be honest, I hoped the reader would read and reread my posts, noting all the italics, letters in bold, accents, quotes, spaces and the one-liners and anything that looked irregular. If I need to grow as a writer or simply a blogger, I need to be honest with what I write. I have never flicked anything from anywhere. If I did, I happened to give the source and the reason for doing so.

“If there is honesty in my passion, then the passion grows.

If there is truth and sense in what I love, then I’ll get close.

- rajeev. to myself.

Close to what I wish to see, what I wish to have. Along the journey, I have read articles and other blogs that influenced me; there have been quotes and stories that inspired me. I [deterministically] feel all the sayings are in place, that come out of experience, experience that comes out of love or hatred, pain or gain, and they need not apply to us. That pushed me to write something that would stamp my name, my own self. And I also realized for the own self to get going, one needs favoritism or criticism. Either ism drives me a mile ahead. And for that, I have had a few people reading my blog [though sometimes I had to push a few of them to read.]

It’s time I acknowledge a few, for one reason: This is my 50th post… yes; I have stopped fifty times along this journey. Or have I moved fifty times?

My brother, my sister and my bhabi[they have been amazing], Akshaya [no wonder], varun [for obvious reasons], karthik abhiram [who balances work and passion], shreyasee [who manages to read even the weirdest posts], sushma [who believes my posts deserve special mention and that I have to continue writing stuff that needs ‘thinking’], Ashwin [who manages to praise my blogs no matter what the content is], Vijay [who spares time and puts in all the pain to read my posts], Ravithej [who reads and reads] and last (but not the least), deepthi [who managed to support me since the start until I hit a writer’s block].

As I treat this post as my first pit stop, I hope to take off with posts that matter; Tearjerkers or funny tales or just life.

At the blogpost that reads ‘50’, I ask myself: fitting fifty?

Some of my picks from the last fifty posts:

0. Hercule poirot: the drawing

1. Don't talk, just burn out

2. Hogwarts Wizard

3. Tintin and Snowy: the drawing

4. Phewmore

5. Pokemon

6. A tale of tales (by far my best)

7. Freedom Writers

8. My Doll (my first poem, a special post)

9. Calvin and Hobbes: the drawing

10. Rash's luck

11. The Simpsons: the drawing

12. Staring at bla[n]ckness

13. Senseeing


Akshaya said...

Yay! Mar diya na half century. Come on! Chal abhi treat dey :D
Keep writing. Shall keep visiting. :D

Srikanth said...

Congratulations !!!

Varun said...

Good going! Man I've been around a year longer than you have and I'm only some 20+ posts ahead of you :)

To mark post #50, how about highlighting a couple of previous posts that are your favourite/best?

SACH IS LIFE! said...

hallelluah! my name was somewhere in there! my moment o'fame eh!
for the remainin part o it...i know u'll keep writin and i'll keep scratchin :p:p! wht it yeez! :p
gaad bless u!

Rajeev Turlapati said...

@akshaya: :) and u better comment something else.
@srikanth: thank u
@varun: Yep did it. and your site is more graphic man and totally different genre if i may call so. thank u...
@ashwin: Thanks for being there.

Karthik Abhiram said...

Congratulations on hitting the 50 mark man... keep the posts coming :)

renu said...

hey...congrats for the 50...hope you write lot more.....

shreybomb said...

congralgamotions on 50th post!!! i know you make me do such things :P keep the weird ones coming and bugging me while you write them...have i mentioned that time zones suck for this reason :D hahhaah have fun rajeev!

supraja suresh said...

congrats on 50!!!rock on!!!