Monday, July 21, 2008


Death[s] in the next lane!

I have little to write now. My hands have been shivering terribly since a few days. There have been three strikes in the last three weeks and 10 deaths! Lemme explain:
1) I was riding my bike when a guy(right in fronta me) toppled,rolled over and... Severe injuries. It could have easily been me...
2) I was waiting for a bus along with my mom before dropping her at the railway station and a guy was hit by another and...the guy broke his leg,he split his feet, bone crushing and...Leg's beyond repair...
3)The news of a psychopath in my area who had already claimed nine lives.[link] and the latest is a man who lives right next to my lane! And he has his own violent, gory and.........ways of taking lives! That makes it ten.

2008 sucks! Never at peace.

Grotesque. Who's next!


Akshaya said...

Oh yeah I also heard abt the psycho path killer. And I told you stay away from the bike!
Anyways chill :)

Varun said...

Where you staying?