Friday, July 18, 2008

Travel Bug

Comedy Of Errors

Well,it has been a day of pain! I wonder why my stomach hates me. Probably 'cos of the medication I have been on since a few days, I just couldn't manage sitting in office, even my PM pitied me :( . Amidst all this, there was total comedy of errors. A colleague of mine called me up and asked me a few sites to book tickets for bus. I knew he actually booked his return train ticket on the 20th of july from hyderabad to chennai. What went wrong?any change of plans?I asked and he said ya i'm on bench, i'll be taking a month off :P, he replied. what! I exclaimed. the problem was the girl he was travelling with, booked the return ticket on the 20th of august instead of the 20th of july. lol. and she made the same mistake thrice while booking online. poor girl, chitti as we call her. So there was total chaos. Well! I made a similar mistake once. I booked a ticket to B'lore for 10am instead of 10pm [eventually missing it that day]. The similarity between these two errors was 'desperation'. I was desperate to meet a dear friend while they are desperate to come back to chennai and work! [oh btw, i managed to go by an unreserved bus back then. to all the junta: If there is any unreserved bus from anywhere to somewhere, then pl don't take it unless you have someone special to meet ;)]

Vibrations bang on again...

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Akshaya said...

Nice one. And yes I remember your trip!Experiences!