Monday, July 14, 2008


Toast for Change

Ok. I admit. I flicked this title from ‘Freedom Writers’. Don’t blame me; I’ve hit a ‘title block’. I’ve kept my creativity in store for my next project :P. And I see this blog has taken a shift from my regular writings to regular writings [daily-activity based]. Well, I have a plan in mind, to write something big, until then I decided to see myself posting to keep myself occupied. Worssht part: I’m in office right now with my project left aside for this post [:|].

Why is this post called ‘a toast’? Yes, july 12th, 2008 was a day to note. I was in Queensland, Chennai, an amusement park. I was actually taken there by my training-batchmates :D very concerned you see. [I refused to go initially :|] Amusement park brings back some fond memories [new year ’07, Hyderabad, I was in a similar place]! I was reluctant to step in, with water, rides all around me. nostalgic![My friend says such recollecting/memories are called ‘vibrations’. Oh!] The difference was: there were more people this time. Friends who appeared close.

It was a decent day until I went on a cable-car ride [second time after hyd] with a friend and he bugged me to click pictures. 5MP cam put to use after long! This ride was longer. My friend says good for couples :P [sigh!, he didn’t know I was with a girl last time on such a ride ;)] and then I refused to go on other rides. Nerves! :|

It was all fine until I got into water and had the best time swimming on my friend’s back :P. it was pure kiddish-fun. Jalakaalatalalo… blah blah song. I got in with my gifted contact lenses :D And then some water-slides.

Here comes the best part: lunch and guess what! I was fed :D by two girls. And then there was cup-corn, I was fed again :D I’m a kid I say. Aah! Somebody cares. Then there was normal waiting for people to flock and get back home.

And then it rained… but my vibrations still remain.


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